SEO / BirdLife and the Natura 2000

The Natura 2000, and therefore the European directives that shaped it, is an important part of the SEO/BirdLife's history. SEO/BirdLife has diligently studied, defended and spread the Natura 2000 network by developing several and varied projects and carrying out information campaigns. Among them, it could be set as an example the Major Program for the Conservation of Birds Areas (IBA) in which inventory is being used as basis for the designation of SPAs (Special Protection Areas for Birds) in Spain.

proba3These IBA, international importance, are identified by BirdLife International following scientific criteria It is as a whole a strong baseline for the designation of the Natura 2000 network. The first IBA inventory appeared in 1989 , and since then, different versions has being released. The current was published in 2011 being formed by 469 IBA.

The Spanish authorities are aware of the existent baseline that the IBAs have and the importance of the inventory for the designation of the Natura 2000 network. Therefore, although IBAs are not among official protection categories by the legislation itself, it has gained prestige and consideration on the importance and relationship with the Natura 2000 network, mainly because of the support they have had from the European Commission and the High Court of Justice of the European Union.


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