All of us can contribute to the success of this project by the understanding and appreciation of the Natura 2000 network sites.

Let's get to know the activities being carried out and get active!

In the media...

Media coverage, in both Spanish National TV channel (TVE) and Spanish National Radio (RNE), for everyone to know and enjoy the Natura 2000 network.


On the streets...

On the 21st of May, we all celebrate the European Day of Natura 2000 network


Where you do grocery shopping ...

There will be available Natura 2000 products, ready for you to taste its quality and sharing your experience with your social network.


On the internet ...

Visit our website, get to know the Natura 2000 network and share its interesting information in your social networks.

In the countryside ...

Sharing your knowledge and experiences in workshops with farmers, ranchers, fishermen and hunters.


In the schools…

The educational portal will help inspiring the youngest to value the ​​Natura 2000 network.


At work ...

– Contact us by the toll-free hotline 900 66 77 90 for getting further information about Red Natura 2000 (available until December 2016)

– Justice administration: Meet tools that the project puts at your disposal to defend the Natura 2000
– Local Administration: Protect the Natura 2000 network sites of your municipality.
– Environmental Impact Assessment Technicians: Apply the methodologycal guide for assessment of projects affecting Natura 2000 sites
– The Media: For communication improvement regarding Natura 2000 network. Find out more in our Guide for communicators, get yours!

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Connecting people with biodiversity is full of opportunities offered through mechanisms, strategies, channels and media on and off line with a big goal: that the Spanish population knows the Natura 2000 network, be aware and act truth to activate your true wealth.