The Project


ENGLISH | Summary describing the project (PDF)

30% of Spanish territory, 15 million hectares and nearly 2,000 natural areas of important ecological value, are part of the Natura 2000, a European network to ensure the conservation of biodiversity.

Natura 2000 provides to the European citizens vital services as carbon storage, maintaining water quality or protection against floods and droughts, valued in 200-300 billions per year, according to the European Commission.

Although more than 80% Spanish population live in or near one of these sites, only 3% know what is and how we can take advantage of its benefits and help in its conservation.

It is time to change this figures!

It is time to be more, and more active!

Life Activate your real wealth. Natura 2000 network we sum all European knowledge and enjoy the great heritage we have: the Natura 2000 network.